Portable Gas Detector PT310-2

Standalone 4 in 1 gas detector, can be customized based on customer's needs
Lower power consumption ensures long working time
LCD large screen display real-time concentration
Rechargeable lithium battery

Support: ODM, OEM

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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The portable voice type single and mutil gas detector (hereinafter referred to as detector) is a safety device that can continuously detect the concentration of leaked gas . Advanced integrated circuit technology , embed with microcomputer control , high quality imported gas sensor , excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability, using dot matrix LCD monitor, support Chinese and English interface and voice alarm , users can quickly understand this product, easy to use and maintain , high strength , high-grad shell , dust proof , waterproof and explosion-proof.




The detector is widely used in petroleum , chemical , environmental protection , metallurgy , etc. which is necessary to safely monitor toxic and harmful , and explosion industries . The detector can effectively predict of dangerous gas concentration and alarm , ensure the safety of the workers is not threatened , and the production equipment is not damaged.

Technical Data

item value
Warranty 1 year
Customized support OEM, ODM
Appearance size: 140x73x32mm(LxWxH)
Weight: 120g
Detecting Gas LEL ,O2 CO Toxic gas
Response time T90<30s
IP Grade IP65
sensor life 2 years
Ex grade: Ex ib IIC T4
Accuracy: ≤±5% F.S.
Working environment: Temperature -20ºC~+50ºC; humidity <95%RH condensation
Working voltage: DC3.7V (lithium battery capacity 3000mAh)
Alarming method: sound , light , vibration


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