HSM1200-2 CH4/CH4&CO Home Gas Leak Detector Alarm with valve

* Adopt highly reliable semiconductor sensors
* AC 90V-240V and built-in 9V rechargeable battery
* Microprocessor intelligent control
* Low voltage warning
* Low power consumption (about 4W)
* Sensor fault self-test function
* Material: Environmenta

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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This is an AC90V-250V gas alarm which can detect gas and LPG alone or Gas&CO as a 2 in 1 device


Technical Data

* Working voltage: AC90V ~ AC240V 50-60Hz

9V NIMH Rechargeable Battery (Optional)

* Preheating time: 3 minutes

* Power consumption: normal monitoring ≤1.5W, alarm state ≤5.0W

* Detected gas: Methane (CH4) + carbon monoxide

* Alarm concentration: when gas exceeds 6%LEL

When CO is greater than 100ppm

* Standby current: ≤0.025A

* Alarm current: ≤0.030A

* Alarm sound: ≥70dB (within 1 meter)

* Operating temperature: 0°C~+50°C

* Working humidity: 10%-95%RH * Output form: sound and light alarm

* Size: 113*74*46mm

* Weight: 150g

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