FX800 Fixed Combustibe Gas Detector

No calibration required
Fixed gas detector suitable for detecting combustible and toxic gas, O2 CO CH4 SO2 etc
LED digital display or LCD display
Equipped with excellent SMD Craft
Optional 4-20mA/RS485/LORO signal output

Support: ODM, OEM

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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FX800 fixed combustibe gas detector also can detect one or more different gases, detected gas could be customized. Simple and easy to operate, far transfer distance,high anti-jamming capability. 4-20mA signal output and RS485 digital  signal output are optional.


The flammble fixed gas detector widely used in petrochemical,chemical plants,environmental protection,metallurgy,mining , mapping industry and so on.



Technical Data

Detected gas Combustibe and toxic gas
Display method LED digital display or LCD display
Response time T90<30s
Operatiing method Infrared remote control
Power voltage DC24V  ±15%
Power consumption ≤3W
Working temperature -40℃-70℃
Working Humidity <95% RH (no condensation)
Explosion Proof Sign Exd II CT3 Gb
Protection grade IP65
Transmission distance ≤1000mtransmission distance


Deteted Gas Measuring Range Error High alarm point Low alarm point Shelf Life of Sensor
O2 (0-30)%VOL ±5%FS 19.5 23.5 1-2
CO (0-1000)PPM ±5%FS 50 200 3-5
H2S (0-100)PPM ±5%FS 10 20 2-3
NH3 (0-100)PPM ±5%FS 20 50 2-3
H2 (0-1000)PPM ±5%FS 200 500 2-3
CL2 (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 5 10 2-3
HCL (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 5 10 2-3
SO2 (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 5 10 2-3
NO (0-250.)PPM ±5%FS 50 125 2-3
NO2 (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 5 10 2-3


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