PT620-2 Portable gas leak detector

Rechargeable lithium battery with long standby time
Wide detection range, 10PPM-1% VOL
Bluetooth connection, uploading real-time data
Waterproof and dustproof design

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The PT620-2 portable combustible gas leak detector comes with a flexible detection tube and a pre installed sensor, making it particularly suitable for measuring gas pipelines, flange interfaces, or other typical locations prone to leakage. The product is widely used in restaurant kitchens, metallurgical workshops, chemical plants, liquefied gas stations, gas stations, and more.



Technical Data

Detected method Natural diffusion
Detected gas Combustible gases (methane, propane, isobutane, etc.)
Alarm method Sound, light, vibration
Indication method Sound, light, vibration, LCD liquid crystal display
Alarm deviation value ≤±10% or ±50PPM (Calculated by methane)
Low alarm point 200ppm,Settable
High alarm point 800ppm,Settable
Battery type Rechargeable lithium battery
Working time >30 hours
Working environment -20~70℃
0~95%RH (No condensation)
Warm-up time 60s
Response time T90<3S
Explosion-proof grade IP66
Size 163mm×42mm×37mm (Long× wide × High)


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