HSM1100-3 Home Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector with LED

1. Intelligent design with LED light
2. Prompt fault self-check function
3. Field alarm 90dB high volume alarm
4. Applicable to multuple scenarios

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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HSM1100-3 carbon monoxide gas detector with led display screen accurately displays the concentration, when the carbon monoxide leakage exceeds the set value, the alarm will display the concentration and high alarm prompt. Up to 90dB alarm volume, and can be used to install carbon monoxide alarm in places where the air is not circulated for a long time, such as kitchen, bathroom and living room. 


Technical Data

Power supply DC 4.5V(3*AA battery)
Standby current <20uA
Work humidity 10%-90%
Buzzer sound >70dB(1m)
Battery life 1year 
Sensor life 3 years max
Loe current alarm <3.7V(light green, buzzer will show Lo2)
Led status

Green: normal moniting(every 80s)

Yellow(Faulty): light in the faulty status

Red: Alarm state

Yellow(life end): Light while life end

Alarm presetting value

190x10-6(volum fraction): alarm in 30s

70x10-6(volum fraction): alarm in 60-240 minutes

<50x10-6(volum fraction): mute


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