Fixed Gas Detector

Suitable for detecting combustible and toxic gas, O2 CO CH4 SO2 NH2 CL2 H2S etc
Big LED digital display
Infrared remote control
Transmit distance≥1000m

  • CMC

  • CPA

  • CNEX

  • ISO
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Fixed single gas detector can detect one or more different gases, simple and easy to operate, far transfer distance,high anti-jamming capability. 4-20mA signal output and RS485 digital  signal output are optional. And the flammble fixed gas detector widely used in petrochemical,chemical plants,environmental protection,metallurgy,mining , mapping industry and so on.


Technical Data

Detected gas Combustible and toxic gas, O2/CO/CH4/SO2/NH3 or based on client's needs
Display method Big LED digital display
Power voltage DC24V±6V
Signal output 4-20mA or RS485
Power consumption ≤3W
Working temperature -40℃-70℃



Detected Gas Measuring Range Error Shelf Life of Sensor
O2 (0-30)%VOL ±5%FS 1-2
CO (0-500)PPM  (0-1000)PPM ±5%FS 2-3
SO2 (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 2-3
NO2 (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 2-3
CL2 (0-20.)PPM ±5%FS 2-3
H2S (0-100)PPM ±5%FS 2-3
NH3 (0-100)PPM ±5%FS 2-3


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