PT310-5 Multi Use 4 In 1 Portable Gas Detector


4 in 1 toxic or flammable gas detector
High precision sensors
Rechargeable lithium battery
Explosion-proof material

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PT310-5 is a portable gas detection and alarm device that can simultaneously detect four types of toxic or flammable gases. The whole machine is compact, easy to carry, stable in performance, and sturdy and durable.


Technical Data

Place of Origin Henan, China
Brand Name Honguan
Model Number PT310-5
Warranty 1 years
Detecting Gas EX;O2;CO;H2S;(customizable)
Response time EX:≤30s
Sampling method Diffusion type
Indication method LCD displays real-time data and system status
LED, sound, vibration indication alarm, fault and undervoltage
Working environment Temperature -20 ℃~50 ℃
Humidity <95% RH without condensation
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery(DC3.7V, 2000mAh)
Charging time 6~8h
Standby time ≥8h
Explosion Proof Sign Ex ib IIB T3 Gb
Sensor Life 5 years(O2); 2 years(others)


Deteted Gas Measuring Range Optional range Error Resolution  Low alarm point High alarm point
O2 0~30%VOL 0~30%VOL <±3%FS 0.1%VOL 19.5 23.5
EX 0~100%LEL 0~100%LEL <±3%FS 1%LEL 20 50
CH4 0~4%VOL 0~4%VOL <±3%FS 0.1%VOL 20 50
CO 0~1000PPM 0~2000/5000PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 50 150
H2S 0~100PPM 0~50/200/1000PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 10 20
NH3 0~100PPM 0~50/500/1000PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 20 50
H2 0~1000PPM 0~40000PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 200 500
CL2 0~20PPM 0~100/150PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 5 10
HCL 0~20PPM 0~20/150PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 5 10
SO2 0~20PPM 0~50/100PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 5 10
NO 0~250PPM 0~500/1000PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 50 125
NO2 0~20PPM 0~50PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 5 10
CO2 0~5000PPM 0~5%/10%VOL(infrared) <±3%FS 1PPM/0.1VOL 1000/0.2 2000/0.5
PH3 0~20PPM 0~20PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 5 10
C2H4O 0~100PPM 0~100PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 20 50
O3 0~100PPM 0~20/100PPM <±3%FS 0.1PPM 20 50
CH2O 0~40PPM 0~50/100PPM <±3%FS 1/0.1PPM 8 20
C6H6 0~1000PPM 0~1000PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 200 500
C7H8 0~1000PPM 0~1000PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 200 500
C8H10 0~1000PPM 0~1000PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 200 500
VOC 0~1000PPM 0~1000PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 200 500
C2H3CL 0~250PPM 0~250PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 50 125
CH3OH 0~30PPM 0~30PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 6 15
C4H8 0~90PPM 0~90PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 18 45
C2H6O 0~80PPM 0~80PPM <±3%FS 1PPM 16 40


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